Chyprè by Saugirdas Vaitulionis - Home Fragrance

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“Chyprè” is a luxurious, sweet and deep home fragrance. Freshness and exclusivity are revealed in the high notes of the fragrance, when Calabrian bergamot combines with the aroma of roasted coffee. Labdanum resin is the heart note of this fragrance, giving the scent a luxurious comfort. Vanilla and sandalwood add sweetness and depth to the scent

“It's very important to me that a home would smell cozy, where people would feel at their best, so this perfume is created for a home you want to come back to!”

 Saugirdas Vaitulionis

This home fragrance is designed for sophisticated, mature and quality-conscious taste.

Chypre is probably one of the most beautiful and sophisticated fragrance families. These rather complex fragrances, full of character, contrast with cool and warm materials, creating an elegant and mysterious effect. The name Chypre is French for "Cyprus" and the name comes from the fragrance "Chypre de Coty" which was launched in 1917. presented by the famous perfumer Francois Coty, who created the perfume and was inspired by the said island.

The notes of Chyprè home perfume reveal luxurious labdanum resin, the heart note of this fragrance, which gives the fragrance sweetness and luxury. Inhaling the scent of this resin can simultaneously smell of leather and sometimes honey with hints of plum notes. The smell of this resin has been associated with magic and spirituality since ancient times, during rituals the gods were asked for protection by burning incense of this resin. Bible scholars believe that it was one of the most important components of holy incense.

Warm notes of amber, sandalwood and vanilla give this fragrance depth and expressiveness. Freshness and exclusivity are revealed in the high notes of the fragrance, when Calabrian bergamot combines with the aroma of roasted coffee. It is a scent that, spreading through the house, gives it a peculiarity, a mysterious peace.

The home fragrance set includes:

  • High quality, thick glass container with plug.
  • 200ml fragrance.
  • Handmade, oak, engraved, decor item.
  • 4 sticks of natural fiber, tied with a branded ribbon.


Place the container in the desired place, insert the sticks and enjoy the smell.

Be safe: keep out of reach of children and animals. Do not place near heat/flame sources, drafts and ventilation devices.

We do not recommend flipping the sticks for the first two weeks. For a slower evaporation of the scent or to make the scent less intense, use 2 sticks, if necessary, increase their number to 4. At the beginning of use, it may seem that the scent evaporates very quickly, this is because new sticks absorb a lot of scent later the evaporation slows down. After two weeks, the sticks can be turned once a week for a more intense scent. If you have a home fragrance larger than 500ml, we recommend changing the sticks to new ones every 2-3 months, because the micro-channels through which the fragrance evaporates become clogged with dust, so it may seem that the fragrance has weakened.

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