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"Velvet Tobacco" by Saugirdas Vaitulionis is a versatile scent, it changes as if it were a piece of music played live. Light, carefree notes change layer by layer until you are enveloped in a soft velvety haze. The luxurious darkness of tobacco, which raises and ignites other scents that blend together, fills the space with calmness, the desire to be yourself. The world remains far away.

"For me, this home perfume is like a fiery, epic love affair, hidden in a bottle, which, when opened, drowns the house in a fog of feelings! It's like soft velvet, smelling of passionate memories and sinful kisses, the sweetness of which cannot be forgotten. A perfume created for a home where raw feelings live!"

Saugirdas Vaitulionis

The history of the tobacco plant goes back thousands of years in the cultures of Native American people - the smoke of the dried leaves was and still is used reverently, sometimes in combination with other herbs, for spiritual and ritual purposes, in purification ceremonies. At the beginning of the 20th century, tobacco absolute was used in perfumes. The dawn of the modern age, the desire to act more freely, to rebel are just few of the sources of inspiration for perfumes with tobacco.

In the first notes of Velvet Tobacco by Saugirdas Vaitulionis, the sparkling aroma of orange peel oil intertwines with calmer bergamot. These refreshing notes are sharpened by black pepper. The heart of the fragrance is filled with the mysterious smell of tobacco leaves, complemented by the warmth of cedar wood. Vetiver adds an earthy, moist, woody and smoky aroma to the strong, deep heart notes. The composition ends with warm, balsamic notes of  styrax resin intertwining with sweet, creamy vanilla notes, which are joined by rich, sweet-spicy patchouli.

The home fragrance set includes:

  • High quality, thick glass container with plug.
  • 200ml fragrance.
  • Handmade, oak, engraved, decor item.
  • 4 sticks of natural fiber, tied with a branded ribbon.


Place the container in the desired place, insert the sticks and enjoy the smell.

Be safe: keep out of reach of children and animals. Do not place near heat/flame sources, drafts and ventilation devices.

We do not recommend flipping the sticks for the first two weeks. For a slower evaporation of the scent or to make the scent less intense, use 2 sticks, if necessary, increase their number to 4. At the beginning of use, it may seem that the scent evaporates very quickly, this is because new sticks absorb a lot of scent later the evaporation slows down. After two weeks, the sticks can be turned once a week for a more intense scent. If you have a home fragrance larger than 500ml, we recommend changing the sticks to new ones every 2-3 months, because the micro-channels through which the fragrance evaporates become clogged with dust, so it may seem that the fragrance has weakened.

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